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Notes: XServe and iMac G5s, Mac OS X 10.3.3, notebook displays

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Apple Insider schaut tief in die Kristallkugel:

Xserve G5

Macworld UK has confirmed rumors that Apple’s newly announced Xserve G5 have been met with further delays. An official Apple statement released to the publication reads, “We’re working hard to start shipping the new Xserve systems in March 2004, not by the end of February as originally announced.”

iMac G5

Meanwhile, sources are reporting that Apple is nearing the end of its iMac G5 development. The new consumer desktops are rumored to feature a complete hardware redesign, though few details have emerged. One source has reportedly tested a pre-production 1.6GHz iMac G5, but claims that the unit consisted of an enclosure made from generic prototype plastics.

Mac OS X 10.3.3

Over the weekend, Apple seeded its ADC members with Mac OS X 10.3.3 build 7F38. The Mac OS X Panther update is said to be rapidly approaching release. The latest seed contained no revisions to the release notes, sources said, and could be released over Apple’s Software Update within a week.

PowerBook Displays

An AppleInsider reader points to this heise online article reporting that notebook maker’s Acer, HP and Sony will be release laptops featuring 14-inch wide-screens later this summer.

Apple is widely rumored to introduce new PowerBooks based on the G5 processor during the summer. According to sources, the ongoing development of the PowerBook G5 has forced Apple to remodel its laptop enclosures to accommodate the G5. This could result in all wide-screen line-up of PowerBook G5s, come late Summer.